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DigitalGeoTreasure is just on it’s start. We are working on the whitepaper and a roadmap for 2020/2021 at the moment. As a quick overview:

We will try to create a new user experience in the world of GeoCaching together with the opportunitys of the blockchain. To reach this goal, we started to be a „Super Representative Partner“ on the Tron network.

If you don’t know, what exactly GeoCaching is, just have a look here:

What is GeoCaching?

Reward System

If you vote for us, you will receive at the moment 80 % of the votingrewards we will receive as a „Super Representative Partner“. In addition we will also reward you with 500% of our reward token „DigitalGeoTreasureReward (DGTR)“. This token will only be rewarded through voting and (hopefully) be in the future tradeable on many exchanges (DEX) on the Tron network.

If you do not know how to vote. Just have a look here: how to vote.

The money from selling the TRX of the left 20 % will be used to get this Startup run. The advantage of this method is, you will not loose your own TRX, because you just vote for us. If the startup do not work, you will not loose any TRX but will get additional TRX from our 80% in relation to your votes for us and the whole votes for us.

This method is also better for us, because if the startup do not work, we do not burn your money. So there is a lower risk for us also. If the startup goes well, the DGTR you receive additionaly from the voting will be listed on exchanges and can there be traded. So the value could rise and supports this startup as well.

We will reserve ourselve to adjust the percentage of the rewards in the future. This could happen, if as an example the Reward Token goes well on the exchanges.

We also started a Token on the Tron network. The token with the name „DigitalGeoTreasureToken“ will be our ingame currency. With this, gamers will be able to purchase ingame items, powerups etc. If you like, you can purchase this token also to support us but:


The „DigitalGeoTreasureToken“ is not an ICO. For now, we do not plan to get this token on an exchange or something else. You will be able to buy virtuel items in the game with this token (if the startuo goes well). Get tokens on the Tron Network.